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Special Needs Student Attacked at School

At a local Santa Clarita High School, a student with special needs was attacked by another student at the high school and the whole incident was videotaped. None of the adults at the school were aware of the fight until the video appeared on the student’s social media account. Since then the parents were notified by the school because of the mother of the student with the special needs and the student that attacked him was arrested by authorities. It is sad to see that if the student had not uploaded the video onto social media, then there is a possibility that no one would have ever found out about the fight. Neither of the students involved in the fight have spoken out about why the fight started or if the other student just blatantly attacked the student with the special needs, but police are urging parents all around California to make sure that they talk to their children about the dangers of fighting and that there could also be legal consequences. The student has been arrested and suspended from the school. The police have not released his trial information or if he was bailed out of jail.


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