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City of Santa Clarita, CA

The city of Santa Clarita is the third largest city in the Greater Los Angeles County and the eighteenth largest in the state of California. The city began to increase in population after the city annexed a number of unincorporated areas.


Santa Clarita is located about 40 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles and lies throughout most of the Santa Clarita Valley.  Earlier this year the city of Santa Clarita has been ranked by money magazine as the 18th of the top 100 places to live in the country. This city was incorporated in December of 1987 as the union of several previously existing communities, including Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, and Valencia, which are all resting on the land of the former Rancho San Francisco.


The city of Santa Clarita is bordered by two major California Freeways, the Golden State Freeway and the Antelope Valley Freeway. The newhall pass also borders the city from the south, which makes this city very accessible from anywhere in the state. The most popular attraction in this city is the amusement park known as Six Flags Magic Mountain.


However, this amusement park is located just outside the city limits, but that hasn’t stopped anybody from connecting the amusement park with the city of Santa Clarita. The theme park is known for its thrilling rides that scare even the bravest people in the world. Santa Clarita lies within a Mediterranean climate zone, which means that the city enjoys warm weather most of the year with mild moist winters.


The city is protected by one of the greatest police departments known as the Santa Clarita Police Department. The men and women of this police department work tirelessly to keep the residents of the city safe at all times. This city is a prime destination for both vacationers and residents who wish to live here.

city of santa clarita

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