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Santa Clarita Bail Bonds FAQs :


How do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail bonds are also know known as surety bonds and are basically contracts between you and your bail bondsmen. The contract is just a few pages of legal talk that you will have to sign, which means you are taking responsibility for the person that you bail out.


How much do bail bonds cost?

There is no set dollar amount, it will all depend on the bail amount of the defendant. The fee for the bail bond will be ten percent of full bail amount. For example if the bail amount is $30,000, then the fee for the bail bond will be $3,000.


How does the jail come up with the bail amount?

The bail amount is predetermined by the courts and not the jail. The court will look at the amount of danger involved in the crime and will use that as a means to determine the amount of bail that will coincide with the crime.


Are there any cheap bail bonds agencies anywhere?


No bail bonds agency will be able to give you a lower price than 10 percent of the full bail amount legally. However, no other agency will be able to get your loved one out of jail as fast as our agents at Bail Bonds Santa Clarita.


What can I use to pay for the bail bond?

You could pay for the bail bond with cash, any major credit card, or a personal check. However, we do offer the option of financing the bail bond.


What happens after I bail someone out of jail?

When you bail someone out of jail, you have to sign a contract that states that you are taking responsibility for the defendant showing up to court. If the defendant does not show up to court then you will be held responsible for the full bail amount.


Can I finance a bail bond?

Yes, we do offer the option of financing a bail bond, but it may require some form of collateral depending on the situation of the bail bond. Our agent will be more than happy to discuss financing a bail bond over the phone.


When Do I get my collateral back?

You will receive any collateral used for the bail bond once the case against the defendant is finished and the bond is exonerated.


What happens if I miss my court date?

If you miss your court date for any reason, you will have to contact your bail bondman and he or she will have the paperwork needed to get a new court date.


Will I need to use collateral?

The only reason you will need some form of collateral is if you need to set up a payment plan for a large bail amount. If you do need to put up some collateral, our agent will discuss it further over the phone or in person.

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